Recent Works

2010 - Present

Landscapes are my specialty.  I do commissioned works for people who would like something that reminds them of some place they have been and enjoyed.  I like the viewer to feel like they are there, and be drawn into the scene.

Acrylic Paintings
Manarola, Italy
Acrylicon Canvas Sheet
20"W x 16"L

Sienna Windowscape
Acrylic on Canvas Sheet
20"W x 16"H
Horses of a Different Color med
Acrylic on Canvas
20"W x 30"H
Sunny Lillies
Acrylic on Canvas
20" x 20"
All Someones Children
Acrylic on Canvas
30"W x 24"H
Roman Cafe
Acrylic on Canvas
18"W x 14"H
Birches in Fall
Acrylic on Canvas
30"W x 40"H
Fallen Leaves
Acrylic on textured masonite
12" x 12"
Fruit Of the Day
Acrylic on Masonite
16"W x 12"H
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